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Yvonne Calment, Arles, Frankrig 1898 - 1997?

Tidligere tilkendegav jeg følgende mening:

Ved Jeanne Calment er der ikke et problem med manglende dokumenter, men som ved Chris Mortensen må mistanken falde på det soleklare motiv en anden person har haft ved at overtage identiteten. I Calments tilfælde handler det om at hun kunne bo gratis i sin lejlighed resten af livet. Normalt vil nogle undre sig over en anden person optræder under den falske identitet, men i både Mortensens og Calments tilfælde var de uden nær familie. Mortensen besøgte godt nok sin familie i Danmark efter pensioneringen, så på det tidspunkt var identiteten altså endnu ikke overtaget. Calment havde kun en hushjælp boende hos sig efter at have mistet sit eneste barnebarn, så mistanken må være at hushjælpen overtog Jeanne Calments identitet ved hendes død.

Nu er der dukket en artikel frem med andre skeptikere om Jeanne Calments identitet, men de russiske forskere er nået frem til at det var datteren Yvonne som overtog moderens rolle:


E. – What was the next stage of the investigation?
V. – I invited a young mathematician, Nikolay Zak, to help me analyze the existing datasets on supercentenarians and see if Jeanne could fit in. He has found that she could not. The models developed by him claimed that if we rely on the laws of statistics, Jeanne as a phenomenon should not exist. It was such a big surprise to Nikolay that he decided to personally revalidate this case. His French is fairly good, so he reached out to the holders of the archives in Arles, found some volunteers there, and started to check every small detail.
V. – You know, on most of the occasions when I raised the issue with my colleagues, their first counterargument was “How could an error or even a deception take place if Jeanne lived in a small city where people knew one another very well?” It turns out that this was a misconception, as Arles was one of the biggest French communes at that time with 38 thousand people (even now, not every Moscow satellite city has that many people), and apart from that, Jeanne didn’t live in the city all the time; she and her daughter often spent their time in a homestead 16 kilometers away from Arles. The more that Nikolay checked, the more that small inconsistencies, errors, and even signs of intentional fraud were revealed. After looking at all the data that Nikolay has managed to collect, including the known intentional destruction of the family archive on Jeanna’s orders, we developed a hypothesis that is now being checked. In 1934, there was a death in the Calment family. The official story is that in 1934, Jeanne had lost her only daughter, Yvonne. We think that in reality it was Jeanne who had died, aged almost 59, and her daughter took her name and personality.
E. – Detective work teaches us that a person who is suspected to have broken the law should have had some sort of motive for that.
Lifespan.io Hero
V. – Indeed, and there was a motive. The 1930s were dire years for the family. Her mother in law and her father both died in 1931, and the family had to pay huge inheritance taxes in each case. Unlike their levels at the beginning of the century, these taxes were up to 35% of the property’s cost, as the government was likely preparing for the next world war. We could expect the family to be in quite a miserable financial situation. If Jeanne had died, her daughter Yvonne and her husband would have to pay a lot of money. However, if it were Yvonne who died, the family wouldn’t have to pay any taxes, as she didn’t own the homestead.
Dealing with the archive… or its absence
E. – Is there more precise proof that Yvonne has replaced Jeanne?
V. – We suspect that the passport of Jeanne, which was issued by the French gendarmerie in the 1930s, can be considered to be proof of replacement. The features described in the passport, such as eye color and height, do not correspond to the features of Jeanne when she was old. There is another interesting fact, too. In case of death, the usual formal procedures require a  witness to look at the body and sign the statement of death. How you would do it normally, if one of your relatives would suddenly die? You would spare yourself the effort and would call some neighbors, I guess. This was not the case, as an old stranger living far away was invited instead. When I say old, I mean around 70 years old, and, at that time, this could have meant a lot of health issues, including sight problems. Why invite total strangers from far away, and why should they be old?
E. – Yes, this sounds weird. Right, these are suspicious documents, but if we are talking about a family conspiracy, there should be some unconscious leaks in their behavior or speech.
V. – There are, of course. For instance, Yvonne’s husband Joseph Charles Frédéric Billot never got remarried, despite the fact that he was only 42 at the moment of her “death”. There were many mentions that he was getting along very well with Jeanne and they were raising Yvonne’s son Frédéric Jean Paul together. You would expect a husband to treat his own wife well, wouldn’t you? The kid, by the way, was calling Jeanne “mamzanne”, that is, Mom Jeanne. It also looks unusual. Next, Jeanne used to mention the maid that took her to school. Nikolay has found the date of birth of this maid, Marthe Fousson, in the birth certificate, and year of birth in the census of 1911, and it turns out that she was 10 years younger than Jeanne, which means that she could only be taking her daughter Yvonne to school. Hunting was an important part of her lifestyle, but the age of her first hunt jumped around impressively in the span of 20 years.
E. – Documents, behavior, anything else?
V. – The last test was based on the photos. As you know, even if people age, most proportions of the face, such as the distance between the eyes, the nose shape, and the level of the hairline in women don’t change. Some of them don’t change at all, as they are defined by the skull shape. Nikolay suggested placing the pictures of young and old Jeanne together and seeing if the proportions match. It turns out that the features of the young Yvonne match the features of the old Jeanne. However, when you compare the features of the young Jeanne to the old Jeanne, they don’t match. Surprising, isn’t it?
E. – A finding of this scale should have shaken the academic community. How did your fellow researchers of aging respond to the preliminary results of the investigation?
V. – There was some initial skepticism, but after a proper exchange of data with my Russian and foreign colleagues, there is a growing interest in seeing the results of this investigation. The president of the Gerontological Society of RAS, Vladimir Anisimov, encourages us to keep investigating until we find the truth. As you probably know, the main professional organization that is performing validation is the Gerontology Research Group. It is currently led by Robert D. Young, who is also a Senior Consultant for Gerontology at Guinness World Records. I was very pleased with his interest and support. Working together, we will hopefully come to a definitive conclusion sooner.
E. – It is nice to learn that the community is open to the idea of revalidation.
V. – Indeed. However, I am asking myself why the revalidation was not initiated earlier, as the more you dig, the more questions arise. I have found a hint to a possible explanation in the book “L’assurance et ses secrets” (Insurance and its secrets) by Jean-Pierre Daniel that was published in 2007. Here it is:
V. – “Chacun se souvient de Jeanne Calment officiellement morte à 122 ans, le 4 août 1997, Il avait été dit à l’époque que cette dame bénéficiait d’une rente viagère, ce qui etait vrai. Celle-ci etait versée par une grande société française que cette longévité exceptionelle ne réjouissait pas. La société était d’autant plus marrie qu’elle savait pertinemment qu’elle ne payait pas Jeanne Calment, mais sa fille. En effect, au décès de la vraie Jeanne Calment, sa fille qui évidemment n’était plus une gamine, avait endossé l’identité de sa mère pour continuer à toucher la rente. La société d’assurance avait découvert l’usurpation d’identité, mais en accord – ou à la demande ? – des pouvoirs publics, elle n’avait pas souhaité la dénoncer tant le personnage de la “doyenne des Français” était devenu mythique.”
V. – “Everyone remembers Jeanne Calment, who has officially died at age 122 on August 4, 1997. It was said at the time that this lady had benefited from having a life annuity, which was true. This was paid by a large French company that was not happy at all with this exceptional longevity. The company was even more upset as it knew that it had been paying not Jeanne Calment, but her daughter. In reality, after the death of the real Jeanne Calment, her daughter who obviously was no longer a child, had taken her mother’s identity to keep receiving the annuity. The insurance company had discovered identity theft, but in agreement with – or on the demand of? – the public authorities, it had not wished to reveal the truth, given how much the character of the “grandmother of the French” had become legendary.”
E. – So, there were some players involved who would apparently prefer to protect the image of a national hero, even if it meant sacrificing the accuracy of data used for scientific studies?
V. – It could be. However, I would also consider another prerequisite for this particular situation. It is a lack of focusing on the most important goals and lack of a spirit of rebellion in the scientific community. I’ll explain why I think so. What is the main goal of gerontology as a science? It is to help people remain healthy and live longer. If you are setting this as a goal, it is obvious that you could not stand it if the data on your hands were questionable. If you want science to progress and to bear fruit such as reliable lifestyle recommendations or a new drug to slow down aging, even a slight suspicion should be enough to spark further investigation in order to make the data as robust as possible. A spirit of rebellion is absolutely necessary to be able to follow your scientific intuition despite the accepted views.
E. – Rebellion, I like that! Well, what will be the next step of your investigation? Do you plan to contact Guinness World Records to let them know that the case of Jeanne Calment likely requires revalidation?
V. – We already sent them our materials and are waiting for a reply. Right now, we need to exchange more information with our colleagues at the GRG, as they are the most experienced group in the world when it comes to longevity validation. Ideally, the next step is to prepare and publish scientific peer-reviewed articles with all the information that we have been able to collect.
E. – In your opinion, what is the main lesson of this story?
V. – Well, to be completely honest, the main lesson is still to be learned. You see, the current buzz around longevity records can be easily distracting us from the goals that are truly important. I’d really want this story to be reduced to a revalidation by a qualified group of researchers and to an update of all corresponding books. In my view, it just does not deserve the hype. There was a mistake, we will correct it, and that is it. We will be seeing new longevity records again and again; it will never stop, because there is no proven limit of human healthspan and lifespan.
V. – There are many signs, however, that both healthspan and lifespan can largely depend on the medical technologies that we have. The population is aging very fast, and I believe that we need to focus our efforts on developing and testing the interventions that would effectively bring aging under medical control in humans. This is priority number one for Russian gerontology. If we let things of relatively small practical value, such as the discussion of longevity records and the personal stories behind them, become a talk show and distract us beyond measure, we may come to 2050 completely unprepared. There will be 2 billion people who are 60 years old and older by that time, which is 1/4 of the global population. How are we supposed to cope with the overload of our healthcare system without powerful therapies that can address the underlying mechanisms of aging and thus prevent and cure age-related diseases? We need to undertake preemptive steps. We need honesty, courage, openness and the ability to act fast in creating these innovative treatments. We need the flexibility to find new ways and bypass obstacles. We need cool heads. This is what we truly need, and we need it right now.
About the author

Elena Milova

As a devoted advocate of rejuvenation technologies since 2013, Elena is providing the community with a systemic vision how aging is affecting our society. Her research interests include global and local policies on aging, demographic changes, public perception of the application of rejuvenation technologies to prevent age-related diseases and extend life, and related public concerns. Elena is a co-author of the book “Aging prevention for all” (in Russian, 2015) and the organizer of multiple educational events helping the general public adopt the idea of eventually bringing aging under medical control.

    December 8, 2018
    Excellent Interview, Elena!
    • mm
      December 8, 2018
      Thank you, Paul! The hypothesis shared in this interview is to be properly discussed yet before any conclusions, and we are looking forward to see the publication with all findings. Valery and Nikolay are doing their best to publish a peer-reviewed article in English as soon as possible, as so far there is only a publication in Russian and it is not covering all the data.
    December 8, 2018
    Very interesting detective work!..
    Turns out the exact same “substitution” as a cause of extreme longevity was found to be the case in Vilcabamca, Ecuador!!.
    Younger folks realized Harvard (Prof. Alexander Leaf, et. al.) and other researchers were interested in the “longevos” and took their names… often in the same family.. Diego Sr. became Diego Jr… and 20 years was added to his life!
    December 9, 2018
    Extraordinary! How credible is this research?

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Anna Grankvist, Helsingør 1913 -


Anna Grankvist har altid haft mange mennesker omkring sig, og familie og venner var samlet til fødselsdagen i går. (Foto: Lars Johannessen)
Af Pernille Hermann

105 års fødselsdagen

Apperupvej e-mægler 397432 – logo side artikel 40.000 win
helsingør: – Kære Mormor. Jeg ved godt, hvorfor du har levet så længe. Du er glad med let til latter, du har mange venner og spiser let, og i mange år har du bedt aftenbøn hver aften.
Det var barnebarnet Christina, der havde komponeret de fineste lagkager, og det var også hende, der holdt en tale fra hjertet, da Anna Grankvist i går fejrede sin 105 års fødselsdag i sin stue på Plejehjemmet Grønnehaven i Helsingør.
Dermed er hun Helsingør Kommunes ældste, oplyser Folkeregistret.
– Mormor lovede mig engang at blive 120 år, og hun har været meget optaget af Verdens særlige “blå zoner”, hvor folk bliver særlig gamle.
Artiklen sidst ændret: 25. januar 2018 09:59

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Iris Jensen, Kerteminde 1913 -


Iris fylder 105: Jeg vil ikke være en olding

Iris Jensen har fortsat sit bryllupsbillede stående fremme. Hun nåede ikke at få guldbryllup med sin mand Arnold. Han var ikke gjort af så godt stof som Iris og døde inden de kunne runde det hjørne. Foto: Helle Nordström

Iris Jensen, der fredag den 4. maj fylder 105, kan se tilbage på et godt liv, og efter alt at dømme også se frem til adskillige gode år endnu. Hendes råd til at få et godt liv lyder kort og godt: Opfør dig ordentligt.

Langeskov: Veninder til kortspil mandag, indkøb torsdag, fødselsdag fredag. Iris Jensens kalender ligner sådan set mange andres kalendere - det usædvanlige er bare, at Iris Jensens fødselsdag på fredag kræver 105 lys i lagkagen.
Fødselaren er en slank lille kvinde, der snildt kunne lyve sig 20-25 år yngre, og nok skal hun bruge rollator, og nok er syn og hørelse ikke, hvad det var engang, men pæren, den er der stadig fuldt blus på.
- Jeg får en hel del hjælp, forsikrer hun.
- Der kommer hjemmehjælp hver dag, og så får jeg varm mad udefra.
Indtil december lavede hun selv sin mad, men så blev hun syg, og siden har hun fået den leveret.
- Jeg havde egentlig lovet mig selv, at jeg aldrig ville have mad udefra, men nu er jeg nødt til det. Jeg smører godt nok stadig min aftensmad selv, for jeg var ikke rigtig tilfreds med det, de kom med, fortæller hun.
Og hun køber selv ind. En gang om ugen kommer enten en veninde eller en datter og kører for hende.
Iris Jensen og hendes mand Arnold fik fire børn. Desværre er kun tre af dem tilbage - de er henholdsvis 80, 76 og 71 år gamle. Den ældste søn døde for to år siden. Desuden har Iris Jensen seks børnebørn og ikke færre end 13 oldebørn.
- Jeg lave os lige en tår kaffe. Iris Jensen er sine 105 år til trods stadig en kvinde, der klarer det meste selv. Foto: Helle Nordström
- Jeg lave os lige en tår kaffe. Iris Jensen er sine 105 år til trods stadig en kvinde, der klarer det meste selv. Foto: Helle Nordström

Ud af skolen inden konfirmationen

Iris Jensens liv startede i beskedne kår. Hendes mor var husassistent og kom i 1913 for skade at få Iris uden at være gift. Det hed dengang et uægte barn. Da Iris var tre år mødte moderen imidlertid en mand, der var blevet enkemand og havde en søn på alder med Iris. De blev gift og, så flyttede Iris og hendes mor fra Allesø til Svendstrup ved Særslev.
- Han var en god far, der behandlede mig, som var jeg hans eget barn, mindes hun.
Men det var skrappe tider dengang. Iris nåede at få 10 søskende, hvoraf flere døde allerede som små, men der var små søskende nok til, at Iris blev taget ud af skolen et halvt år før sin konfirmation for at passe dem, og derefter skulle hun have en plads "i huset", lige som de fleste andre unge piger skulle dengang. Det var sådan en slags læreplads for kommende husmødre, hvor hun skulle hjælpe til med alting både inde i husholdningen og ude på markerne.

Det var manden, der bestemte

Iris Jensen fik aldrig en uddannelse, men hun har arbejdet hele sit liv, og som hun selv siger: Vi flyttede meget rundt, min mand og jeg - efter hans arbejde - men jeg har aldrig manglet et job, og jeg er aldrig blevet fyret.
Blandt meget andet har Iris Jensen gjort rent, både hos private og på bl.a. Ringe Sygehus, hun har arbejdet på fjerkræslagteri, på bindegarnsfabrik og på konservesfabrik. Desuden var hun så dygtig til at sy, at hun både syede familiens eget tøj og desuden tjente penge på at sy for andre.
- Jeg syede blandt andet jakkesæt mine drenge, og min bedstefar, der var skrædder, sagde at de var flotte, mindes hun stolt.
Iris Jensens liv var i høj grad styret af hendes mand Arnold, og flere gange i løbet af samtalen falder ordene "jeg fik lov til". Parret var for eksempel aldrig på ferie, men i en sen alder, da hendes svigerinde blev alene, fik Iris lov til at tage på ferie til Østrig sammen med hende.
- Sådan var det jo dengang: Det var manden, der bestemte, fastslår hun som en helt naturlig ting.
Det var også på grund af mandens arbejde, at de igen og igen flyttede i en grad, så hun aldrig rigtigt nåede at slå rod noget sted, indtil parret, da Iris var i 60-erne, flyttede til Langeskov. Da blev hendes mand syg og døde, og Iris slog sig til ro i et lille hus tæt på byen. Da hun var blevet 80 orkede hun ikke en stor have mere og flyttede i lejlighed med lille have, og for ni år siden flyttede hun til den lille lejlighed med altan i Smedekrogen, hvor hun fortsat bor.

Vil ikke være en olding

- Jeg har aldrig oplevet noget stort og jeg har aldrig været rig, men jeg har haft et godt liv. Jeg kan da slet ikke tillade mig at sige andet, når jeg har levet så længe og ingen alvorlige sygdomme haft, siger hun.
- Men jeg har aldrig gjort noget særligt for at leve så længe. Bortset fra at jeg aldrig har røget eller drukket. Det må være generne fra min rigtige far, for alle mine søskende er døde - jeg var den første og jeg bliver den sidste.
Beder man hende om et godt råd til at få et langt og godt liv, som hun har haft det lyder svaret kort og godt: Man skal opføre sig ordentligt.
Der er ikke meget tilbage i livet, Iris Jensen ønsker sig, så ønskesedlen til på fredag er kort: Blomster. Det køber hun selv en gang om måneden, og dem kan man ikke få for mange af.
Da journalisten ved afskeden ønsker Iris Jensen et langt og lykkeligt liv, griner hun og svarer:
- Tak, det har jeg allerede. Det eneste, jeg nu kan ønske mig er, at jeg slipper godt herfra. Jeg håber ikke, at jeg bliver en olding. Jeg vil herfra medens jeg endnu er frisk.

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Carl Mattsson, Sverige 1908 -

Nordens ældste i live er følgende mand:


Bild på Carl Mattsson
Bild på Carl Matsson
1 av 2
Carl M;atsson, 110 år. Foto: Peter Olsson/Sveriges Radio

Sveriges äldsta man fyller 110 år - Carl Mattsson i Strömstad

Carl Mattsson: Det känns bra fast man har krämpor
1:27 min
I eftermiddag var det kalas på Jägarens äldreboende i Strömstad. Sveriges äldste man - Carl Mattsson firade alla sina 110 år.
– Någon måste vara äldst och kravla sig kvar på jordklotet. Det konstaterar Carl Mattson där han sitter i sin rullstol invid de blommor som redan har hunnit komma till firandet.
Han föddes på Tjörn men tidigt flyttade familjen från gården där till Göteborgstrakten och sedan 60-talet är Carl Mattsson Strömstadbo.
Något hemligt recept för att uppnå en sådan aktningsvärd ålder och fortfarande vara pigg finns inte, enligt Carl. Det handlar om gener.
– Jag har haft en bra familj som har varit friska och blivit gamla.
Men en levnadsregel har Carl följt under alla år.
– Att inte äta för mycket. Man ska sluta när man skulle kunna äta lika mycket till.

Listen over de hidtil ældste i Norden er følgende:


A list of supercentenarians born in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland.

List of Nordic supercentenarians

      Deceased (validated)       Living       Pending       Unvalidated
1Astrid ZachrisonF15 May 189515 May 2008113 years, 0 daysSWE FlagSWE
2Maria RothoviusF2 Oct 188717 Jun 2000112 years, 259 daysFIN FlagFIN
3Elsa MobergF30 Jun 188920 Nov 2001112 years, 143 daysSWE FlagSWE
4Hulda JohanssonF24 Feb 18829 June 1994112 years, 105 daysSWE FlagSWE
5Maren Bolette TorpF21 Dec 187620 Feb 1989112 years, 61 daysNOR FlagNOR
6Elisabet EkenaesF26 Dec 19044 Jan 2017112 years, 9 daysNOR FlagNOR
7Hilda HaekkinenF18 Mar 189431 Dec 2005111 years, 288 daysFIN FlagFIN
Selma TuominenF19 July 190312 Apr 2015111 years, 267 daysFIN FlagFIN
8Herman Smith-JohannsenM15 Jun 18755 Jan 1987111 years, 204 daysNOR FlagNOR
Ellen BrandenborgF7 Jan 190622 July 2017111 years, 196 daysDEN FlagDEN
9Aarne ArvonenM4 Aug 18971 Jan 2009111 years, 150 daysFIN FlagFIN
10Anders EngbergM1 July 18926 Nov 2003111 years, 128 daysSWE FlagSWE
11Johanne SvenssonF24 Jan 189229 May 2003111 years, 125 daysDEN FlagDENSWE FlagSWE
12Anne MatthiesenF26 Nov 188419 Mar 1996111 years, 114 daysDEN FlagDEN
Alice OstlundF8 Dec 190628 Mar 2018111 years, 110 daysSWE FlagSWE
13Laura SvehaugF19 Nov 18866 Mar 1998111 years, 107 daysNOR FlagNOR
14Karen JespersenF5 May 18894 Aug 2000111 years, 91 daysDEN FlagDEN
15Wilhelmine SandeF24 Oct 187421 Jan 1986111 years, 89 daysNOR FlagNORSWE FlagSWE
16Ruth EngstromF23 Sep 19022 Dec 2013111 years, 70 daysSWE FlagSWE
17Fanny NystromF30 Sep 187831 Aug 1989110 years, 335 daysFIN FlagFIN
Nanny HalvardssonF2 July 190626 May 2017110 years, 328 daysSWE FlagSWE
18Gudrun OnshuusF17 July 18999 June 2010110 years, 327 daysNOR FlagNOR
19Maria ErikssonF28 Mar 190010 Jan 2011110 years, 288 daysSWE FlagSWE
20Jenny KarlssonF17 Oct 189113 July 2002110 years, 269 daysSWE FlagSWE
21Teresia LindahlF10 Jun 18882 Mar 1999110 years, 265 daysSWE FlagSWE
Marie JensenF5 June 190430 Jan 2015110 years, 239 daysDEN FlagDEN
22Helene NilsenF7 Apr 190131 Oct 2011110 years, 207 daysNOR FlagNOR
Carl MattssonM7 Mar 1908Living
110 years, 198 days
23Olav HovatnM23 Oct 189226 Apr 2003110 years, 185 daysNOR FlagNOR
Ingeborg MestadF15 Dec 18995 June 2010110 years, 172 daysNOR FlagNOR
24Ellen JohanssonF23 Jan 18876 July 1997110 years, 164 daysSWE FlagSWE
25Elin KarlssonF21 Apr 190027 Sep 2010110 years, 159 daysSWE FlagSWE
Marta MattssonF20 Sep 190618 Feb 2017110 years, 151 daysSWE FlagSWE
Signe HoejerF1 Nov 190518 Mar 2016110 years, 138 daysDEN FlagDEN
Karla Lindholm JensenF7 May 1908Living
110 years, 137 days
26Hanna ErikssonF26 Feb 189126 Jun 2001110 years, 120 daysSWE FlagSWE
27Anna HagmanF27 Dec 189518 Apr 2006110 years, 112 daysALA FlagALA,FIN FlagFIN
Agnes SteenstrupF24 Nov 19031 Mar 2014110 years, 97 daysDEN FlagDEN
28Borghild NilsenF2 Dec 18933 Mar 2004110 years, 92 daysNOR FlagNOR
Helfrid ErikssonF23 Jun 1908Living
110 years, 90 days
29Hulda KarlssonF2 Feb 189822 Apr 2008110 years, 80 daysSWE FlagSWE
Hertha AkerlindF28 Apr 190810 July 2018110 years, 73 daysSWE FlagSWE
Jenny LindefjeldF17 Apr 190528 Jun 2015110 years, 72 daysNOR FlagNOR
30Elsa TilkanenF26 Sep 18965 Dec 2006110 years, 70 daysFIN FlagFIN
31Karen SvisdalF16 Dec 188923 Feb 2000110 years, 69 daysNOR FlagNOR
Elvira LarssonF27 July 1908Living
110 years, 56 days
32Kristianna UllalandF2 Dec 187826 Jan 1989110 years, 55 daysNOR FlagNOR
Gulli BergendahlF10 Dec 19043 Feb 2015110 years, 55 daysSWE FlagSWE
Helvi KarkiF7 Dec 190623 Jan 2017110 years, 47 daysFIN FlagFIN
Gerda MufF16 Mar 190629 Apr 2016110 years, 44 daysDEN FlagDEN
33Harriet HolmF13 Nov 189322 Dec 2003110 years, 39 daysNOR FlagNOR
34Aasne HustveitF2 Dec 187917 Dec 1989110 years, 15 daysNOR FlagNOR
35Hilda GrahnF10 Jun 188824 Jun 1998110 years, 14 daysSWE FlagSWE
Karin LarssonF17 May 190424 May 2014110 years, 7 daysSWE FlagSWE
Karen EgestadF14 Sep 1908Living
110 years, 7 days
Lydia AslundF14 Nov 190219 Nov 2012110 years, 5 daysSWE FlagSWE

Nordic emigrant supercentenarians

1Christian MortensenM16 Aug 188225 Apr 1998115 years, 252 daysDEN FlagDENUSA FlagUSA
2Esther EcklundF28 Oct 190112 Mar 2014112 years, 135 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
Suoma KorkeeF30 May 18861 Aug 1998112 years, 63 daysFIN FlagFINUSA FlagUSA
Anna NielsenF2 Apr 190419 Jun 2015111 years, 78 daysDEN FlagDENCAN FlagCAN
3Julia LyngF22 Dec 187826 Feb 1990111 years, 66 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
4Gunhild FoersterF28 Dec 18934 Feb 2005111 years, 38 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
Nels BergerM20 Oct 188522 Sep 1996110 years, 338 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
Conrad JohnsonM19 Jan 190423 Dec 2014110 years, 338 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
Agnes SultanF15 Dec 18894 Sep 2000110 years, 264 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
Anna SwensonF5 Oct 186018 Jun 1971110 years, 256 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
Olga NymanF6 Apr 188615 Dec 1996110 years, 253 daysSWE FlagSWECAN FlagCAN
5Bertha WallinF13 Jan 18745 Aug 1984110 years, 205 daysDEN FlagDENUSA FlagUSA
6Velgjer SvienF10 Oct 184223 Jan 1953110 years, 105 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
7Ingemund PetersonM6 June 189421 Aug 2004110 years, 76 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA
Olga JohnsonF31 Aug 188931 Oct 1999110 years, 61 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
Ulla LundF25 July 190723 Aug 2017110 years, 29 daysDEN FlagDENUSA FlagUSA
8Anna SilverdahlF30 Apr 189124 May 2001110 years, 24 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
9Gerda MortonF11 Jan 189029 Jan 2000110 years, 18 daysSWE FlagSWEUSA FlagUSA
Other cases
 Lina Gilbertsen[1]F10 Feb 186318 Mar 1973110 years, 36 daysNOR FlagNORUSA FlagUSA

Chronological list of the oldest living Nordic person since 1975

      Validated / Under 110       Living       Unvalidated
FromToNameSexAge when
of death
Before 197523 Feb 1975Anna Matilda Johansson[2]F ? – 10921 Nov 1865 – 23 Feb 1975
109 years, 94 days
23 Feb 197513 Sept 1976
(1 yr, 203 days)
Johannes W HansenM107–10910 Apr 1867 – 13 Sept 1976
109 years, 156 days
13 Sep 197625 May 1977
(254 days)
Clara HedwinF107–10816 Jan 1869 – 25 May 1977
108 years, 129 days
25 May 197711 June 1977
(17 days)
Andrea PedersenF10731 Mar 1870 – 11 Jun 1977
107 years, 72 days
11 Jun 197724 Aug 1977
(74 days)
Hulda LieF1074 May 1870 – 24 Aug 1977
107 years, 112 days
24 Aug 19771 May 1978
(250 days)
Anna WetterhallF106–10711 Oct 1870 – 1 May 1978
107 years, 202 days
1 May 19783 July 1978
(63 days)
Alfred Lagerstroem[3]M10723 Mar 1871 – 3 July 1978
107 years, 102 days
3 July 197825 July 1978
(22 days)
Anna PerssonF1064 Aug 1871 – 25 July 1978
106 years, 355 days
25 July 197830 Aug 1978
(36 days)
Ludvig FroeyslandM10617 Nov 1871 – 30 Aug 1978
106 years, 286 days
30 Aug 197819 Sep 1979
(1 yr, 20 days)
Karl LjungbergM106–10720 Dec 1871 – 19 Sep 1979
107 years, 273 days
18 Mar 1981
(2 yrs, 200 days)
Carolina NilssonF106–10920 Dec 1871 – 18 Mar 1981
109 years, 88 days
18 Mar 198130 Mar 1982
(1 yr, 12 days)
Julia KarlssonF108–10911 Apr 1872 – 30 Mar 1982
109 years, 353 days
30 Mar 198221 Jan 1986
(3 yrs, 297 days)
Wilhelmine SandeF107–11124 Oct 1874 – 21 Jan 1986
111 years, 89 days
21 Jan 19865 Jan 1987
(349 days)
Herman Smith-JohannsenM110–11115 June 1875 – 5 Jan 1987
111 years, 204 days
5 Jan 198720 Feb 1989
(2 yrs, 46 days)
Maren Bolette TorpF110–11221 Dec 1876 – 20 Feb 1989
112 years, 61 days
20 Feb 198931 Aug 1989
(192 days)
Fanny NystroemF11030 Sep 1878 – 31 Aug 1989
110 years, 335 days
31 Aug 198917 Dec 1989
(108 days)
Aasne HustveitF109–1102 Dec 1879 – 17 Dec 1989
110 years, 15 days
17 Dec 198928 Apr 1990
(132 days)
Ida VireniusF108–1097 Apr 1881 – 28 Apr 1990
109 years, 21 days
28 Apr 199021 Oct 1990
(176 days)
Alfrida EngblomF10811 Nov 1881 – 21 Oct 1990
108 years, 344 days
21 Oct 19909 June 1994
(3 yrs, 231 days)
Hulda JohanssonF108–11224 Feb 1882 – 9 June 1994
112 years, 105 days
9 June 199419 Mar 1996
(1 yr, 284 days)
Anne MatthiesenF109–11126 Nov 1884 – 19 Mar 1996
111 years, 114 days
19 Mar 19966 Mar 1998
(1 yr, 353 days)
Laura SvehaugF109–11119 Nov 1886 – 6 Mar 1998
111 years, 107 days
6 Mar 199817 June 2000
(2 yrs, 103 days)
Lempi Maria RothoviusF110–1122 Oct 1887 – 17 June 2000
112 years, 259 days
17 Jun 20004 Aug 2000
(48 days)
Karen JespersenF1115 May 1889 – 4 Aug 2000
111 years, 91 days
4 Aug 2000 20 Nov 2001
(1 yr, 108 days)
Elsa MobergF111–11230 Jun 1889 – 20 Nov 2001
112 years, 143 days
20 Nov 200113 July 2002
(235 days)
Jenny KarlssonF11017 Oct 1891 – 13 July 2002
110 years, 269 days
13 July 200229 May 2003
(320 days)
Johanne SvenssonF110–11124 Jan 1892 – 29 May 2003
111 years, 125 days
29 May 20036 Nov 2003
(161 days)
Anders EngbergM110–1111 July 1892 – 6 Nov 2003
111 years, 128 days
6 Nov 200322 Dec 2003
(46 days)
Harriet HolmF109–11013 Nov 1893 – 22 Dec 2003
110 years, 39 days
22 Dec 20033 Mar 2004
(72 days)
Borghild NilsenF1102 Dec 1893 – 3 Mar 2004
110 years, 92 days
3 Mar 200431 Dec 2005
(1 yr, 303 days)
Hilda HaekkinenF109–11118 Mar 1894 – 31 Dec 2005
111 years, 288 days
31 Dec 200515 May 2008
(2 yrs, 136 days)
Astrid ZachrisonF110–11315 May 1895 – 15 May 2008
113 years, 0 days
15 May 20081 Jan 2009
(231 days)
Aarne ArvonenM110–1114 Aug 1897 – 1 Jan 2009
111 years, 150 days
1 Jan 20099 Apr 2009
(98 days)
Ida Sofie HanssenF10930 Apr 1899 – 9 Apr 2009
109 years, 344 days
9 Apr 20099 June 2010
(1 yr, 61 days)
Gudrun OnshuusF109–11017 July 1899 – 9 June 2010
110 years, 327 days
9 June 201010 Jan 2011
(215 days)
Maria ErikssonF11028 Mar 1900 – 10 Jan 2011
110 years, 288 days
10 Jan 201131 Oct 2011
(294 days)
Helene NilsenF109–1107 Apr 1901 – 31 Oct 2011
110 years, 207 days
31 Oct 201121 Apr 2012
(173 days)
Kristi OektedalenF10929 Jun 1902 – 21 Apr 2012
109 years, 297 days
21 Apr 20122 Dec 2013
(1 yr, 225 days)
Ruth EngstromF109–11123 Sept 1902 – 2 Dec 2013
111 years, 70 days
2 Dec 201312 Apr 2015
(1 yr, 131 days)
Selma TuominenF110–11119 July 1903 – 12 Apr 2015
111 years, 267 days
12 Apr 20154 Jan 2017
(1 yr, 267 days)
Elisabet EkenaesF110–11226 Dec 1904 – 4 Jan 2017
112 years, 9 days
4 Jan 201722 July 2017
(199 days)
Ellen BrandenborgF110–1117 Jan 1906 – 22 July 2017
111 years, 196 days
22 July 201728 Mar 2018
(249 days)
Alice OstlundF110–1118 Dec 1906 – 28 Mar 2018
111 years, 110 days
28 Mar 2018Present
0 years, 177 days
Carl MattssonM110*Born 7 Mar 1908
110 years, 198 days
Living in